Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Other important things you might need to know.

We all understand how difficult it is to choose the right Care Home for your loved one and we have put together some questions and answers that may help you to choose that all important home.

This can vary from home to home and the most up to date information in regard to the cost can be obtained from the Local Authority, who will also assess your financial position and give you the right advice. The cost of care can also depend on what category of care you are looking for. To find out what category of care you or your loved one needs you should discuss this with your Social worker/Care Manager or the hospital.

The best people to speak to about this is your Social worker/Care Manager but yes you can live anywhere and your Local Authority will pay for you. You should also be aware that you can choose any Care home that you wish as long as they offer the category of care that is needed for you or your loved one.

If you capital reduces to less than £23.250 you can get help from the Local Authority, it is best to discuss this with the Home Manager who will be able to guide and support you through this process.

Some Homes charge more for care and they will charge a 3rd party top up fee, this can only be paid for by a 3rd party and the money cannot be taken from your pension or the £23.250. Private fees are charged to those people that have more than the £23,250 and each home will have their own set rate for each category, again you need to speak to the Home Manager about this.

The Home manager or their representative will come out and do, what we call an assessment of your needs, this will enable us to carry out a full assessment to make sure that we can offer the level of care that you may need. We will also have received a full assessment from your Care Manager/Social worker and have agreed with them that we are happy to offer you a room in the care home.

We believe that this should be the last time that you have to move and will do our best to accommodate your care needs in the home that you have chosen. There are on occasions times when someone has to move from the Care Home that they have chosen as their category of care has changed and the Home does not offer that level of care. We will fully discuss this with you when you come to visit our homes and will be able to advise you on your options.

We do not allow pets to stay in the Home as many Residents may have allergies however we do allow pets to visit if their behaviour is satisfactory and they are attended to at all times. This should be fully discussed with the Home manager when you first visit the home. We do encourage visits from family pets. You can bring items of furniture with you as long as they meet our Health and Safety requirements in regard to fire safety and being able to move around your room.

We will make an assessment in line with Health and Safety and make sure that if you want to go out on your own, that you are safe and not vulnerable.

Yes but we do recommend to avoid meal times as they can be busy, but we welcome visitors if they wish to support you at this time. We also recommend that late night and early morning visiting (after 20.00 and before 08.00) is kept to a minimum for security reasons.

We offer choices at meal times and try to accommodate what you would like to eat but as you will understand we cannot offer a full “A la Carte” menu when we are catering for large numbers of residents. We do have set meal times but there are always snacks and drinks available and if you are out and need something saving for when you get back we will accommodate this.

Extra charge for visiting hairdresser at a reduced rate. Chiropody can be sourced free from the NHS but we also offer a private Chiropodist at a discounted rate. Routine hospital visits are usually escorted by family or friends but if this is not possible a staff member can escort at an hourly rate. Many homes offer a small mobile shop offering a selection of treats and toiletries.