We understand.

We care. We deliver.

We strive to deliver a high standard of care whilst respecting your choices and values, ensuring a friendly, relaxing and safe atmosphere – a comfortable place you can call “your home”.

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Latest Update:

Update on Covid19 – Visiting arrangement for our care homes.

Why choose The Grange

Nothing beats the comfort of your own home with your family and loved ones. As your situation changes, you may require suitable arrangements to ensure your daily care and well-being is looked after. We understand this, that’s why our core focus is to look after your individual needs in a homely, cosy environment with friendly staff.

Our main priority is to look after your everyday care and provide exceptional support, making your life in our care home happy, safe and satisfying. Our person-centered approach enables better quality of living, as we strive to deliver the highest standards of care and meet all your needs including care, health and socialisation.

When we say we care, we mean dedication – just as your family and loved ones do. The foundation of our service is based on respect, trust and dedication as we assure you of the exceptional care that you deserve.

Great Facilities

We design our care homes to provide top-class facilities that enable the best possible quality of living for residents.

Experienced Team

Our team of experienced, highly-skilled and qualified staff ensures you are guaranteed of the best person-centered care service.

Improved Lifestyle

We ensure your life in our care is as exciting as you would normally have as we believe, living in a care home must be a pleasant end enjoyable experience.

Outdoor Landscape

Secure Outdoor Lounge

Cosy Diner

Homely Reception

Relaxing Atmosphere

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